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Every semester we organise several sessions during which interested students are invited to apply for membership. The dates will be posted on the MSB Facebook Page or can be received by e-mailing the Application Director. Applying for membership is a unique opportunity to show your skills, talent and ambition. We assure you, it will be worth it! There are just 4 steps to participate in such a session:


Send an e-mail to apply@munsocietybelgium.org with the following attachments, in one pdf document in the following order:


You will receive a topic on which you will need to write a position paper. You will also be asked to prepare a speech on this assigned topic. Two days before the application, you will have to submit your position paper.


On the actual application session, you will have to engage in a group debate about today's global hot topics so that we can get a sense of your ready knowledge, persuasiveness and your understanding of international affairs. You will astound us with your prepared speech, after which you will be asked some critical questions about the subject. In addition we will ask you some personal questions regarding your persona and motivation to join MUN Society Belgium.


Within a week after the application session you will receive feedback on your performance at the application session as well as our final decision on your candidacy.

Next application session: 24 November 2018.
Any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us on apply@munsocietybelgium.org!