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Board Members


Morgane Janssens


Morgane is a motivated 2nd master student in Chemical Engineering at Ghent University. In her 1st master she spend a wonderfull exchange semester at the NTNU in Norway. She is thrilled to lead our team towards new adventures and make it a year to remember. The fact that MSB reunites like-minded peers who want to take their student life to the next level, work together to accomplish great things and are a real group of friends, are some of the things that she loves about MSB. In her spare time she plays field hockey and enjoys a good game of tennis.

Laura VandenDorpe


Laura is currently enrolled in her second year of the Master Program of Business Engineering at KU Leuven. She previously attended the Wharton School in Philadelphia and University College London. Laura has successfully completed internships at A.T. Kearney and McKinsey & Company, thanks to her leadership experience gained in MSB. As the co-organiser of London Banking Circuit, she is eager to explore the Investment Banking scene in London. Laura has wide-ranging passions that extend from playing the piano to tennis, drawing and literature.

Maarten Bauters

Financial Director

Maarten is currently finishing his business engineering studies at KU Leuven. As a co-organiser of the London Banking Circuit, he carries out MSB’s open mindset towards students with an interest in Finance. Further building upon that interest, he will pursue an exchange semester at HEC Paris and an internship at a belgian PE firm. During these self-enriching experiences, he hopes to deepen his knowledge in corporate-finance related topics which will be helpful for his thesis. He recommends MSB to students who would like to have their life turned upside down, who embrace aspirations to thrive in the aspects they value and who are willing to commit to a new group of friends. No achievement is accomplished without struggle and MSB helps to overcome, cope and deal with these struggles to ensure that its members meet their set objectives.

Violette Lebrun

Logistics Director

Violette is currently a second Master student in Law at the Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve. As a former Belgian fencing champion, she is constantly looking for new challenges. She considers MUN Society Belgium as the perfect environment to keep pushing herself and to broaden her horizons. She is convinced that MSB will draw her out of her comfort zone by improving her public speaking, debating and negotiating skills. She loves travelling to all parts of the world and discovering new cultures.

Laurent Chattaway

Applications Director

Coming back from 6 months in India, teaching French at university and various other adventures, Laurent is now in second year of master in law at UCL. Both a French and English citizen, Laurent has lived in Belgium for nearly all his life : this international background gave rise to a passion for international relations, which has been put in practice by an internship at the Belgian embassy of Kinshasa. Previous MUN’s and travelling experiences in South America have convinced him to join the team of MUN Society Belgium. In his free time, Laurent enjoys scuba diving, reading, playing the piano and going for a run.

Justine Penneman

PR & Events Director

Justine is currently enrolled in her first Master of Business Engineering at Ghent University. She is passionate about international topics, especially environmental issues and is looking forward to meeting new people from all over the world. She is not only ambitious but also competitive and always looking for a new challenge and adventure. MSB gives her the opportunity to broaden her debating, negotiating and writing skills. In her spare time, Justine likes to play badminton, meeting up with friends and travelling.

Manon Habets

Sponsor Director

Manon is enrolled in her second master in Law at the Catholic University of Louvain. She completed her Bachelor at the University of Namur. Her year of exchange in the beautiful city of Sydney deepened her interest for travelling and confronting herself to new cultures. Therefore, MUN Society Belgium appeared to be the perfect opportunity, a real springboard into the world of ambitions, challenges and possibilities. She believes MSB will push her out of her comfort zone by improving her public speaking and debating skills. In her spare time, Manon enjoys doing drama, playing sport and meeting up with friends.

Thomas Caulier

Sponsor Director

Thomas Caulier is a curious, dynamic and driven student from Namur, where he is currently studying the Laws. He spent a year in the United States as a foreign exchange student, where he discovered and nurtured a deep passion for international relationships, politics and foreign policies. He subsequently saw MSB a the perfect way to further sharpen his knowledge about those topics as well as improving his public speaking skills and meeting people from other cultures. Beside, he is a true bookworm and has an unconditional love for football.